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Blain Rage
5'6 180 lbs
Finisher is called the Job Opening
From The Blainger zone!

Blain Rage

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Effy Gibbes

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the dirty blondes

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Ghetto Superstar

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Chance Champion

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Sir Ian Shire
6"1, 14.5 stone, from New Castle England, Finisher is Superplex into a falcon arrow or diving headbutt

sir ian shire

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Kameron Kade
"The Ace of Southern Wrestling"
5'9" 202Lbs Panama City, FL

Kameron Kade

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"The Warlord of the Wasteland" Leon Scott
275 lbs 6'4"
From Across the Plains of Silence

Leon Scott

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Wolfe Taylor
5'9" 185 lbs
Gainesville, FL

wolfe taylor

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Jayson Falcone,
5'8", 181lbs, Brooklyn NY. Current DCCW United States Champion. Been in the business for 6 and a half years. "If you fight for what you believe in and never give up, you can accomplish anything".

Jayson Falcone

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Reginald Odinson
6' 4" 275lbs
Years pro: 4
Trained by "Total Protection" Mr. Hughes

reginald odinson

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Devastator Dustin
Davis 6'1" 241 lbs. From Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Finisher: The Canadian Maple Leaf

Devastator Dustin

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The Pop Star Johnny Romano
Height – 5’7
Weight- 175
Hometown - Bayside
Years as a pro 14
Trained by – Dory Funk Jr
Debut – 2003
Finisher – MMMBop Drop (Michinoko Driver)

PopStar Johnny Romano

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Outlaw Mitch Mitchell
205 lbs
5 ft 10 inches
Dallas Texas
Finisher Shotgun Neckbreaker

The Outlaw Mitch Mithcell

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Flash-N-Cash Hayden Price
Weight 230 lbs
Brooklyn NY 
Finisher is the Price Check

Flash-N-Cash Hayden Price

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Snoop Strikes
Orlando, Fl

Snoop Strikes

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